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Profil de Dirk S. SCHMELLER

D. S. Schmeller

Email :

Téléphone / phone: +33698678077

Bureau / office : 336

Institution : CNRS

Statut / status: Chercheur

Adresse professionnelle / address:

Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research – UFZ, Department of Conservation Biology, Permoserstrasse 15, 04318 Leipzig, Germany,
ECOLAB, Université de Toulouse, CNRS, INPT, UPS, Toulouse, France.

Site perso / personal website :
my personal homepage

Major academic appointments

Since December 2012: Senior Researcher at the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Department Conservation Biology and affiliated researcher at the CNRS EcoLab, Toulouse.
 Since April 2014: Leader of GEO BON working group on terrestrial species monitoring and member of the Implementation committee of GEO BON (GEO BON member since 2009).
 April 2016, September - October 2013, February 2012: Guest professor at the Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University.
 August 2007-November 2012: CNRS Researcher at the Station d'Ecologie Experimentale du CNRS, Moulis, France.
 August 2005 - April 2008: Coordinator of the FP6 EuMon-Project at the Helmholtz Center of Environmental Research (UFZ) Halle - Leipzig, Department Conservation Biology.
 July 2005 - August 2006: EGIDE-Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Angers, Department of Zoology, Division of Animal Ecology.
 June 2002 - July 2005: Postdoctoral fellow (Alexander-v.-Humboldt/Academy of Finland scholarship; KONE-scholarship) at the University of Helsinki, Department of Ecology and Systematics, Division of Population biology.
 March 2002 - May 2002: Marie Curie-scholarship at the University of Jyväskylä, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Evolutionary Ecology.
 May 2000 - February 2002: Assistant professor at the Faculty of Biology, Department of Nature Conservation, University of Marburg.
 February 1996 - April 2000: Scientific assistant at the Chair of Ecology, Department of Zoology V, University of Mainz.

How can we describe and measure biodiversity? In which habitats do we find which species and why? Is the occurrence of species linked to their genetic make-up or determined by the abiotic environment, the interactions between different organisms or a combination of these factors? How can the complexity of biodiversity and the interactions and processes it comprises be communicated to a non-academic community? The research I conducted over the years and more so in recent years has always circulated around these central questions.

Principales publications

  1. Courtois, E.A., Loyau, A., Bourgoin, M., Schmeller, D.S., 2016 (in press). Initiation of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection in the absence of physical contact with infected hosts – a field study in a high altitude lake. Oikos.
  2. Loyau, A., Schmeller, D.S. , 2016 (in press). Positive sentiment and knowledge increases tolerance towards conservation actions. Biodiversity and Conservation.
  3. Loyau, A., Cornuau, J.H., Clare, F.C., Schmeller, D.S. , 2016 (in press). Side effects of itraconazole on post-metamorphic Alytes obstetricans after a cold stress. Amphibia Reptilia.
  4. Auliya, M., García-Moreno, J., Schmidt, B.R., Schmeller, D.S. , Hoogmoed, M.S., Fisher, M.C., Pasmans, F., Henle, K., Bickford, D., Martel, A., 2016. The global amphibian trade flows through Europe: the need for enforcing and improving legislation. Biodiversity and Conservation.
  5. Brummitt, N., Regan, E., Weatherdon, L.V., Martin, C., Geijzendorffer, I.R., Rocchini, D., Gavish, Y., Haase, P., Marsh, C.J., Schmeller, D.S. , 2016 (in press). Taking Stock of Nature: Essential Biodiversity Variables Explained. Biological Conservation.
  6. Clare, F.C., Daniel, O., Halder, J.B., Bielby, J., Semenov, M.A., Jombart, T., Loyau, A., Schmeller, D.S. , Cunningham, A.A., Rowcliffe, M.J., Garner, T.W.J., Bosch, J., Fisher, M.C., 2016 (in press). Climate change will force fungal pathogen infection across a multi-species community. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.
  7. Turak, E., Brazill-Boast, J., Cooney, T., Drielsma, M., DelaCruz, J., Dunkerley, G., Fernandez, M., Ferrier, S., Gill, M., Jones, H., Koen, T., Leys, J., McGeoch, M., Mihoub, J.-B., Scanes, P., Schmeller, D.S. , Williams, K., 2016 (in press). Using the essential biodiversity variables framework to measure biodiversity change at national scale. Biological Conservation.
  8. Proença, V., Martin, L.J., Pereira, H.M., Fernandez, M., McRae, L., Belnap, J., Böhm, M., Brummitt, N., García-Moreno, J., Gregory, R.D., Honrado, J.P., Jürgens, N., Opige, M., Peng, C., Schmeller, D.S. , Tiago, P., van Swaay, C.A.M., 2016 (in press). Global biodiversity monitoring: from data sources to Essential Biodiversity Variables. Biological Conservation.
  9. Pettorelli, N., Wegmann, M., Skidmore, A., Mücher, S., Dawson, T. P., Fernandez, M., Lucas, R., Schaepman, M. E., Wang, T., O’Connor, B., Jongman, R. H. G., Kempeneers, P., Sonnenschein, R., Leidner, A. K., Böhm, M., He, K. S., Nagendra, H., Dubois, G., Fatoyinbo, T., Hansen, M. C., Paganini, M., de Klerk, H. M., Asner, G., Kerr, J., Estes, A. B., Schmeller, D. S. , Heiden, U., Rocchini, D., Pereira, H. M., Turak, E., Fernandez, N., Lausch, A., Cho, M. A., Domingo Alcaraz-Segura, McGeoch, M. A., Turner, W., Mueller, A., St-Louis, V., Penner, J., Geller, G. N. (2016) Framing the concept of Satellite Remote Sensing Essential Biodiversity Variables: challenges and future directions. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation.
  10. Trochet A., Courtois E.A.M., Stevens V., Baguette M., Chaine A., Schmeller D.S.* , Clobert J.* (2016) Evolution of sex-biased dispersal. Quarterly Review of Biology 91 (3): 297-320. * shared senior authorship.
  11. Schmeller, D. S., Bridgewater, P. (2016). The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES): progress and next steps. Biodiversity and Conservation 25 (5): 801-805. 10.1007/s10531-016-1095-9.


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