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Profil de Sabine SAUVAGE


Email :

Téléphone / phone: 33 6 43 98 36 25

Bureau / office : 33 5 34 32 39 85

Institution : CNRS

Statut / status: ITA

Adresse professionnelle / address:

Laboratoire d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle (ECOLAB)
Avenue de l'Agrobiopole
BP 32607
Auzeville Tolosane

Site perso / personal website :

Fonction : Research Engineer at CNRS

Award :

Crystal medal of CNRS (2013) for her creativity, technical expertise and innovation, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and excellence of French research.

Best SWAT 2013 Team Award  (

Research Habilitation : achieved September 28, 2010 in Toulouse (University of Toulouse), France.

PhD obtained on November 1999 in Toulouse, National Polytechnical Institute of Toulouse, France.

My research interests as a research Engineer are focused on the adaptation and development of models that describe the bio-physical interactions between flows, biology and chemistry processes involved in biogenic elements and contaminants transfers in rivers at different time and space scale. More specifically, i aim to integrate by modeling the particular role of interfaces zones (ex: water/land, water/sediment) and specific buffer zones (ex: wetlands) in the dynamic of element transfer at large scale.

Member of the Scientific Council of the Environmental and Ecological Institute of CNRS (from 2016)

Member of The International Environmental Modelling & Software Society Board of Directors (2014-2016).

Member of the ECOLAB Laboratory Council (2016-2020).

Organization of the iEMSs2016 congres (

I am responsible of the following projects :

REGARD Project funded by RTRA Sciences and Technologies for Aeronautic and Space (2014-2017) "Modélisation des ressources en eau sur le bassin de la Garonne : interaction entre les composantes naturelles et anthropiques et apport de la télédétection" Head of the project, Sabine Sauvage (ECOLAB-CNRS), 8 research partners (CESBIO, IMFT/IMT, LEGOS, CNRM, BRGM, AGIR, CERFACS, ECOLAB).

ANR-EC2CO (2015-2016) National Project (Biogeochemistry, Hydrology, and Ecosystems functioning) Multi-scale modelling to quantify the role of wetlands in biogeochemical transfer in watershed.Head of the project,Sabine Sauvage,9 National research partners.

Main/Recent publications

Sabine Sauvage, José-Miguel Sánchez-Pérez, Philippe Vervier, Robert-Joseph Naiman, Hugues Alexandre, Léonard Bernard-Jannin, Stéphanie Boulêtreau, Sébastien Delmotte, Frédéric Julien, Dimitri Peyrard, Xiaoling Sun, Magali Gerino (2018) Modelling the role of riverbed compartments in the regulation of water quality as an ecological service, Ecological Engineering, Vol.18, 19-30.

Xiaoling Sun, Léonard Bernard-Jannin, Youen Grusson, Sabine Sauvage, Jeffrey Arnold, Raghavan Srinivasan, José Miguel Sánchez Pérez (2018) Using SWAT-LUD Model to Estimate the Influence of Water Exchange and Shallow Aquifer Denitrification on Water and Nitrate Flux. WATER, 10 (4), p528.

Etienne Brulebois, Marjorie Ubertosi, Thierry Castel, Yves Richard, Sabine Sauvage, José-Miguel Sanchez Perez, Nicolas Le Moine, Philippe Amiotte-Suchet (2018) Robustness and performance of semi-distributed (SWAT) and global (GR4J) hydrological models throughout an observed climatic shift over contrasted French water...OPEN WATER JOURNAL, 5 (1), p4.

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Bernard-Jannin, Léonard, Xiaoling Sun, Samuel Teissier, Sabine Sauvage, et José-Miguel Sánchez-Pérez. « Spatio-temporal analysis of factors controlling nitrate dynamics and potential denitrification hot spots and hot moments in groundwater of an alluvial floodplain ».Ecological Engineering103 (2017): 372‑84.

Boithias, Laurie, Sabine Sauvage, Anneli Lenica, Hélène Roux, Karim C. Abbaspour, Kévin Larnier, Denis Dartus, et José Miguel Sánchez-Pérez. « Simulating Flash Floods at Hourly Time-Step Using the SWAT Model ». Water9, no 12 (2017): 929.

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Fabre, Clément, Sabine Sauvage, Nikita Tananaev, Raghavan Srinivasan, Roman Teisserenc, et José Miguel Sánchez Pérez. « Using Modeling Tools to Better Understand Permafrost Hydrology ». Water9, no 6 (2017): 418.

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I am responsible of the following projects :

REGARD Project funded by RTRA Sciences and Technologies for Aeronautic and Space (2014-2017) "Modélisation des ressources en eau sur le bassin de la Garonne : interaction entre les composantes naturelles et anthropiques et apport de la télédétection" Head of the project, Sabine Sauvage (ECOLAB-CNRS), 8 research partners (CESBIO, IMFT/IMT, LEGOS, CNRM, BRGM, AGIR, CERFACS, ECOLAB).

ANR-EC2CO (2015-2016) National Project (Biogeochemistry, Hydrology, and Ecosystems functioning) Multi-scale modelling to quantify the role of wetlands in biogeochemical transfer in watershed.Head of the project,Sabine Sauvage,9 National research partners.

I take part in the following projects :

ANR Agrobiosphère ESCAPADE (2013-2016) Evaluation de Scénarios sur la Cascade de l'Azote dans les Paysages Agricoles et moDElisation territoriale. Coordinateur : Jean-Louis Drouet (INRA, Paris).

ANR CEPS (Changements Environnementaux Planétaires et Sociétés) ADAPTEAU (2012-2015)Adaptation aux Variations des Régimes Hydrologiques (crues-étiages) dans l’Environnement FluvioEstuarien Garonne-Gironde. Potentialités, Mise à l’Epreuve, Gouvernance d’Options d’Adaptation.Coordinateur : Denis Salles (IRSTEA, Bordeaux).

Projet New – Indigo« Integrated wastewater management through hydrological modelling of river basins in India and Europe. Coordinateur Europe: JM Sanchez-Perez (EcoLab, Toulouse), Coordinateur Inde : A Gosain (IIT Dehi, India).

Attenagua European Project (2012-2014) Interreg SUDOE: « Mise en place d’une méthodologie capable de prévoir les meilleurs emplacements pour l’exploitation des eaux souterraines dans le territoire SUDOE». 5 partners from France, Spain, Portugal. Head of the project : JM Sanchez-Perez (EcoLab, Toulouse).

Projet Eco-Innov,projet région innovation, (2012-2014)« Zones Humides Protect ». Head of the project : Acceptables Avenirs entreprise, Philippe Vervier, 4 partners : 2  research laboratories (ECOLAB, IRIT) and 2 companies (Acceptables Avenirs and Tataragne).

SIM-CRUE Project funded by RTRA Sciences and Technologies for Aeronautic and Space (2014-2017) "Transport de l'eau et de matière depuis les bassins versants jusqu'à la mer dans les systèmes Méditerranéens caractérisés par des crues éclairs  " Head of the project, Claude Estournel (LEGOS), 4 partners (ECOLAB, IMFT, LEGOS, CEFREM).

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