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Profil de Frédéric SANTOUL

SANTOUL Frédéric

Email :

Téléphone / phone: +33(0)561556575

Bureau / office :

Institution : UPS

Statut / status: Enseignant chercheur

Adresse professionnelle / address:

University Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier
Bâtiment 4R1
118 route de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse cedex 9

Site perso / personal website :


2000: PhD in Hydrobiology, University of Toulouse III, France

Professional experience

2004-present: Assistant Professor, University of Toulouse III, France


Ozenne Prize of the “Académie des Sciences, Inscriptions et Belles Lettres de Toulouse” (2002)

My research theme aims at determining how species introduction can influence the functioning of aquatic communities. Interactions between native and exotic fish species and their consequences on communities are still poor understood. I assess the trophic interactions between top-indigenous and exotic predators, and their impact on the structure of aquatic food webs. I seek to identify sources of carbon (13C) and trophic levels (15N) involved in the biological interactions, in order to identify the influence of introductions of exotic species on : i) the niche trophic overlap / shift between native and introduced species, and ii) the carbon flow in food webs

Project management

Since 2004, I have been the principal investigator of 20 national and international research projects.

Student and postdoc supervision

Postdoc I Paz Vinas (2017-)

Postdoc M Chiarello (2017-)

Postdoc S Boulêtreau (2010-2014)

Postdoc J Syvaranta (2008-2009)

Postdoc D Kopp (2008-2009)

Postdoc J Cucherousset (2006-2007)

PhD S. Westrelin (2018-)

PhD A. Raffard (2015-)

PhD A. Denis (2015-2018)

PhD N. Guillerault (2014-2017)

PhD C. Musseau (2012-2015)

PhD R. Chaïbi (2009-2013)

PhD A. Martino (2008-2012)

22 master students

Main/Recent publications

- Raffard A.,Santoul F., Cucherousset J. & Blanchet S.(2018).  The community and ecosystem consequences of intraspecific diversity: a meta-analysis.Biological Reviews (in press).

- Guillerault N., Bouletreau S. & Santoul F. (2018). Predation of European catfish on anadromous fish species in an anthropized area.Marine and Freshwater Research (in press)

-Denis A., Payet O., Danflous S., Gouix N.,Santoul F. & Pelozuelo L. (2018).  Intraspecific variability of phenology and morphology of three protected dragonflies between natural and artificial habitats: alternative strategy or ecological trap? Journal of Insect Conservation. 22(3) : 419-431.

- Aas Ø., Cucherousset J., Fleming IA., Wolter C., Höjesjö J., Buoro M., Santoul F., Johnsson JI., Hindar K. & Arlinghaus R. (2018).  Governance of salmonid stocking in five North Atlantic jurisdictions – identifying drivers and barriers for policy change.Aquatic conservation (in press).

- Guillerault N., Loot G., Blanchet S.,Santoul F. (2018). Catch-related and genetic outcome of adult northern pike Esox lucius stocking in a large river system.Journal of Fish Biology (in press).

- Laplanche C., Elger A.,Santoul F., Thiede G. & Budy P. (2018). Modeling the fish community population dynamics and forecasting the eradication success of an exotic fish from an alpine stream.Biological conservation. 223 : 34-46.

- Boulêtreau S., Gaillagot A., Carry L., Tétard S., De Oliveira E. &Santoul F. (2018). Adult Atlantic salmon have a new predator.PLos One 13(4): e0196046.

- Ghazi C., Si Bachir A.,Santoul F. & Céréghino R. (2018). Potential ectoparasites of the endemic Mediterranean banded killifish (Aphanius fasciatus, Valenciennes, 1821) of the northern Sahara (Algeria).Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences. 17(2) : 435-442. 

- Cucherousset J., Horky P., Slavík O., Ovidio M., Arlinghaus R., Boulêtreau S., Britton R., García-Berthou E. & Santoul F. (2018). Ecology, behaviour and management of the European catfish.Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 28 : 177-190.

- Musseau C., Vincenzi S., Jesenšek D., Boulêtreau S., Santoul F., Nicolas D. & Crivelli A. (2017). Dietary niche expansion and niche shift in native marble trout (Salmo marmoratus) living in sympatry with introduced rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Ecology of Freshwater Fish

- Riepe C., Fujitani M., Cucherousset J., Pagel T., Buoro M., Santoul F., Lassus R. & Arlinghaus R. (2017). What determines the behavioral intention of local-level fisheries managers to alter fish stocking practices in freshwater recreational fisheries of two European countries? Fisheries Research 194 : 173-187.

- Boulêtreau S. & Santoul F. (2017). The end of the mythical giant catfish. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America98 (2) : 150-152.

- Bodt J.M., Santoul F. & Lefevre M. (2017). Analyse du traitement médiatique du silure glane (Silurus glanis), une espèce au centre de controverses.Vertigo17 (1), mai 2017.

- Guillerault N., Bouletreau S., Iribar A., Valentini A. & Santoul F. (2017). Application of DNA metabarcoding on faeces to identify European catfishSilurus glanisdiet.Journal of Fish Biology90 : 2214-2219.

- Boulêtreau S. & Santoul F. (2016). The end of the mythical giant catfish. Ecosphere 7 (11).

- Boulêtreau S., Verdeyroux P., Lorthiois E., Azémar F., Compin A. & Santoul F. (2016). Do you eat or not? Predation behaviour of European catfish (Silurus glanis) toward live bait on a hook. The Open Fish Science Journal 9 (1) : 19-25.

- Musseau C., Vincenzi S., Jesensek D., Cantera I, Boulêtreau S. Santoul F. & Crivelli A. (2015). Direct and indirect effects of environmental factors on dietary niches in size-structured populations of a wild salmonid.Ecosphere6 (12) : 1-15.

- Sagouis A., Cucherousset J., Villeger S., Santoul F. & Bouletreau S. (2015) Non-native species modify the isotopic structure of freshwater fish communities across the globe.Ecography38 : 979-985.

- Guillerault N., Delmotte S., Bouletreau S., Lauzeral C., Poulet N. & Santoul F. (2015). Does the European catfishSilurus glanismenace French river fish populations?Freshwater Biology60 : 922-928.

- Musseau C., Boulenger C., Crivelli A., Lebel I., Pascal M., Boulêtreau S. & Santoul F. (2015). Native European eels as a potential biological control for invasive crayfish.Freshwater Biology60 : 636-645.

-SiBachir A., Chenchouni H., Djeddou N., Barbraud C., Céréghino R. & Santoul F.  (2013).Using Self-Organizing Maps to investigate environmental factors regulating colony size and breeding success of the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia).Journal of ornithology 154 : 481-489.

- Cucherousset J., Boulêtreau S., Azémar F., Compin A., Guillaume M. & Santoul F. (2012).“Freshwater Killer Whales”: beaching behavior of an alien fish to hunt land birds.Plos one7 (12): e50840.

- Cucherousset J., Boulêtreau S., Martino A., Roussel J-M. & Santoul F.(2012).Using stable isotope analyses to determine the ecological effects of non-native fishes.Fisheries Management Ecology 19: 11-119.

- Kopp D., Figuerola J., Compin A.,Santoul F. & Céréghino R. (2012). Local extinction and colonization in native and exotic fish in relation to changes in land-use.Marine and Freshwater Research 63: 175-179.

- SiBachir A., Barbraud C., Céréghino R. & Santoul F. (2012). Cattle Egrets Ardea ibis use human made habitat in a newly colonized area in North-Algeria.Ostrich 83 (1): 51-53.

- Boulêtreau S., Cucherousset J., Villeger S., Masson R. &Santoul F.(2011).Colossal aggregations of giant alien freshwater fish as a potential biogeochemical hotspot.Plos one6 (10): e25732.

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- SiBachir A., Fahima F., Barbraud C., Céréghino R. & Santoul F. (2011).The recent expansion of an avian invasive species (the Cattle EgretArdea ibis) in Algeria.Journal of arid environment 75: 1232-1236.

- Syväranta J., Martino A., Kopp D., Céréghino R &Santoul F. (2011).Freezing and chemical preservatives alter the stable isotope values of carbon and nitrogen.Hydrobiologia658: 383-388.

-Kopp D.,Santoul F., Poulet N., Compin A.& Céréghino R. (2010). Patterning the distribution of threatened crayfish and their exotic analogues using self-organising maps.Environmental Conservation 37 (2) : 147-154.

-Syväranta J., Cucherousset J., Kopp D., Crivelli A., Céréghino R. & Santoul F. (2010).New insights into the trophic ecology of a non-native European catfish (Silurus glanis) from stable isotope analyses. Aquatic Biology 8: 137-144. 

-Kopp D., Syväranta J., Figuerola J, Compin A.Santoul F.& Céréghino R. (2009). Environmental effects related to the local absence of exotic fish.Biological conservation142 (12) : 3207-3212.

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-Kopp D., Cucherousset J., Syväranta J., Martino A., Céréghino R & Santoul F.(2009). Trophic ecology of the pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) in its introduced areas: a stable isotope approach in southwestern France. Comptes rendus biologie 332: 741-746.

-Syväranta J., Cucherousset J., Kopp D., Martino A., Céréghino R &Santoul F.(2009). Contribution of anadromous fish to the diet of European catfish in a large river system.Naturwissenschaften 96: 631-635.

- Montesinos A., Santoul F. & Green A.J. (2008) The diet of the night heron and purple heron in the Guadalquivir Marshes. Ardeola 55(2):161-167.

-Cucherousset J.,Santoul F.,Figuerola, J. & Céréghino R. (2008). How do biodiversity patterns emerge from the distributions of common and rare species?Biological conservation 141: 2984-2992.

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-Cucherousset J., Aymes J.C.,Santoul F.& Céréghino R. (2007).Stable isotope evidence of trophic interactions between introduced brook troutSalvelinus fontinalisand native brown troutSalmo truttain a mountain stream of south-west France.Journal of Fish Biology71: 210-233.

-Santoul F., Mengin, N., Céréghino R., Figuerola J. & Mastrorillo S (2005). Environmental factors influencing the regional distribution and local density of a small benthic fish: stone loach (Barbatula barbatula).Hydrobiologia 544: 347-355.

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- Santoul F.& Mastrorillo S. (2004).Winter microhabitat distribution of Coots (Fulica atraL.) at three gravel pits in the Garonne river flooplain, Southwest France.Belgian Journal of Zoology 134 (1): 3-6.

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