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ROTA Thibaut

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Institution : CNRS

Statut / status: Post-Doc

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Université Paul Sabatier,

118, route de Narbonne - Bâtiment 4R1
31062 Toulouse Cedex 9

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My scientific learning in environment and ecological sciences started with a master curriculum at the University of Franche-Comté, Besançon (, graduated in 2013/2014.

This master is focused on applied freshwater ecology, monitoring and conservation and is powered with basic knowledge on these topics.

I studied one year the ecology of running water systems (benthic invertebrates and fish communities) in a specialized laboratory (, working at the interface between the monitoring of ecosystems and applied research (2014/2015).

I did my PhD research (2015 to 2018) in the BIOREF team (, under the supervising of LECERF Antoine ( and CHAUVET Eric (, where I studied the ecological importance of intraspecific functional traits.

I am now working for 2 years as a Post-doc with CEREGHINO Régis in the CIRCE Team.

I am investigating how the traits measured on individuals of tank-bromeliad invertebrate communities could help to resolve the complexity of ecosystem functioning in those patchily distributed aquatic ecosystems, especially in a global change context (e.g. drought, fragmentation, global warming).

In my research activity, I am asking the following broad questions:

- How much vary phenotypic traits at the intraspecific level and how much this variability mediates ecosystem processes?

- Which traits matter to explain individual variability in ecological performance and ecosystem-level effects?

- Does individual-based functional ecology help to resolve ecological complexity in the wild?

I am using a various array of methods, from microcosm experiment at the lab, to ecosystem experiment, latitudinal study and meta-analysis. My favored study systems include terrestrial and aquatic invertebrate detritivores, dragonfly larvae predators, forested streams, and tank bromeliads in neo-tropics.

Those keywords depict easily my research interests: Morphological traits; Animal personality; Pace-of-life syndrome; Metabolic theory of ecology; Trait-based ecology; Phenotypic traits; Global changes


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Co-direction of Master internships:

- Tom Réveillon (2018). Co-dir.: Thibaut Rota, Arnaud Sentis, Antoine Lecerf and Eric Chauvet. Interactive effect of body mass and temperature on individual metabolism and stream litter decomposition under global warming.

- Achour Laribi (2016). Dir.: Antoine Lecerf, Co-dir.: Thibaut Rota. Morphological variability among Cordulgaster boltonii populations in the Montagne Noire streams.

Reviews in Journal of Animal Ecology, PLOS One, Freshwater Ecology, Journal of Tropical Ecology.

Main/Recent publications


Réveillon T., Rota T., Chauvet E., Lecerf A. and Sentis A. 2019. Repeatable inter‐individual variation in the thermal sensitivity of metabolic rate. Oikos

Bruder A., Frainer A., Rota T. and Primicerio R. 2019. The importance of ecological networks in multiple-stressor research and management. Frontiers in Environmental Science

Rota T., Jabiol J., Chauvet E. and Lecerf A. 2018. Phenotypic determinants of inter-individual variability of litter consumption rate in a detritivore population. Oikos. 127(11): 1670-1678.

Oral Communications:

Rota T., Pey B., Chauvet E. and Lecerf A. 2019. Among and within-species functional variability of aquatic and terrestrial macro-detritivores. Society for Freshwater Science (SFS), Salt Lake City (UT), USA.

Rota T., Jabiol J., Chauvet E. and Lecerf A. 2017. Effects of intraspecific variability in aquatic invertebrates on litter decomposition. Plant Litter Processing in Freshwaters (PLPF), Bilbao, Spain.

Rota T., Jabiol J., Chauvet E. and Lecerf A. 2017. Effects of intraspecific variability in aquatic invertebrates on litter decomposition. Functional Ecology and Environment (FEE), Toulouse, France.

Rota T., Jabiol J., Chauvet E. and Lecerf A. 2016. Phenotypic correlates of resource intake rate in a population of litter-feeding detritivores. Sfécologie, International Conference of Ecological Sciences, Marseille, France.


- Introduction to Leslie matrix for structured population dynamic models, TD L3.

- A practical introduction to multiple linear regression models with R, TP L3.

- Practical introduction to GIS use with QGIS, TP L3.


- Standardized sampling of macrobenthic invertebrates in running waters and their determination at the genera taxonomic level, TP M2.

- An introduction to population and community ecology, TD L2.

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