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Profil de Joséphine LEFLAIVE

LEFLAIVE Joséphine

Email :

Téléphone / phone: 05 61 55 85 49

Bureau / office : 331

Institution : UPS

Statut / status: Enseignant chercheur

Adresse professionnelle / address:

Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse
118 route de Narbonne
bâtiment 4R1
31062 Toulouse Cedex

Site perso / personal website :


University of Toulouse, Ph.D in functional ecology, 2005

University of Toulouse, M.Sc. in ecology of continental systems, 2004

Student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, 2001-2005

Professional experience

2008-present: Assistant Professor, University of Toulouse, France

My main research interest is the study of the factors structuring benthic microbial communities and the response of the latter (diversity, richness, resistance, resilience, productivity, functioning) to biotic and/or abiotic disturbance.

I am also interested in studying the eco-chemical context, i.e. the chemical environment surrounding aquatic microorganisms.

My main biological models are benthic species of diatoms, cyanobacteria and green algae that I use in microcosms and mesocosms experiments.

Project management

Since 2008, I have been the principal investigator of 3 national research projects (CNRS EC2CO).

Student supervision

Joey Allen, PhD student at the University of Toulouse : Allelopathic interactions in phototrophic biofilms

Amelie Barthès, PhD student at the University of Toulouse co-supervised with Loïc Ten-Hage and Jean-Luc Rols: Benthic Phototrophic communities in non-permanent streams: prospects for bioindication.

Catherine Desrosiers PhD student at the University of Toulouse co-supervised with Loïc Ten-Hage: Development of a benthic diatom index for tropical reef environments.


Reviewer for

Aquatic Ecology

Aquatic Microbial Ecology

Environmental Microbiology

Evolutionary Ecology

Harmful Algae


International Review of Hydrobiology

International Journal of Limnology

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology

Journal of Plant Physiology

Journal of the American Water Resources Association

Marine Drugs

Microbial Ecology

Plos One


Transitional Waters Bulletin

Main/Recent publications

Desrosiers C.,J. Leflaive,A. Eulin, L. Ten-Hage. Optimal colonization and grouwth of marine benthic diatoms on artificial substrates – Protocol for a routine use in bioindication.Journal of Applied Phycology(sous presse)


Desrosiers C.,J. Leflaive,A. Eulin, L. Ten-Hage (2013). Bioindicators in marine waters: Benthic diatoms as a tool to assess water quality from eutrophic to oligotrophic coastal ecosystems.Ecological Indicators, 32: 25-34.


Madji, N., B. Mialet, S. Boyer, M. Tackx,J. Leflaive,S. Boulêtereau, L. Ten-Hage, F. Julien, R. Fernandez, E. Buffan-Dubau (2012) The relationship between epilithic biofilm stability and its associated meiofauna under two patterns of flood disturbance.Freshwater Science(formerly JNABS), 31: 38-50.


Leflaive J., L. Ten-Hage (2011). Impairment of benthic diatom adhesion and photosynthetic activity by  2E,4E-decadienal. Research in Microbiology, 162: 982-989.


Leflaive J., L. Ten-Hage (2011). Effects of 2E,4E-decadienal on motility and aggregation of diatoms and on biofilm formation. Microbial Ecology, 61: 363-373.


Leflaive J., L. Ten-Hage (2009) Chemical interactions in diatoms: role of polyunsaturated aldehydes and precursors.New Phytologist, 184: 794-805.


Leflaive J., L. Ten-Hage (2009) Allelopathic interactions in benthic biofilms: effects of abiotic conditions on production of and sensitivity to allelochemicals.Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 28: 271-280.


Leflaive J.,S. Boulêtreau, E. Buffan-Dubau, L. Ten-Hage (2008). Temporal patterns in epilithic biofilm – relation with a putative allelopathic activity.Fundamental and Applied Limnology - Archive für Hydrobiologie,173: 121-134.


Leflaive J., M. Danger, G. Lacroix, E. Lyautey, L. Ten-Hage (2008) Nutrient effects on genetic and functional diversity of aquatic bacterial communities.FEMS-Microbiology Ecology,66: 379-390.


Leflaive J.,E. Buffan-Dubau, L. Ten-Hage (2008). Algal bioactive compounds reduce net oxygen fluxes of artificial diatom biofilms.Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 51, 276-284.


Leflaive J., G. Lacroix, Y. Nicaise, L. Ten-Hage (2008). Colony induction and growth inhibition inDesmodesmus quadrispina(Chlorococcales) by allelochemicals released from the filamentous algaUronema confervicolum(Ulotrichales).Environmental Microbiology. 10, 1536-1546.


Mathieu, M.,J. Leflaive,L. Ten-Hage, R. de Wit, E. Buffan-Dubau (2007). Free-living nematodes affect oxygen turn-over of artificial diatom biofilms.Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 49, 281-291.


Danger, M.,J. Leflaive,C. Oumarou, L. Ten-Hage, G. Lacroix (2007). Phytoplankton-bacteria interactions stabilize freshwater eutrophication state.Oikos,116, 1079-1086.


Leflaive J., L. Ten-Hage (2007). Algal secondary metabolites in freshwaters: a comparison of allelopathic compounds and toxins.Freshwater Biology. 52, 199-214.


Leflaive J., R. Céréghino, M. Danger, G. Lacroix, L. Ten-Hage(2005). Assessment of Self-Organizing Maps to analyze sole-carbon source utilization profiles.Journal of Microbiological Methods,62, 89-102.

I teach microbial ecology, chemical ecology, microbiology and plant biology to postgraduate and undergraduate students at the University of Toulouse.

I am in charge of teaching of chemical ecology (Licence 2) and microbial ecology (Master 1).

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