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Profil de Gaël LE ROUX

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Email :

Téléphone / phone: +33 (0)

Bureau / office : 1237

Institution : CNRS

Statut / status: Chercheur

Adresse professionnelle / address:

EcoLab / Campus Ensat
Avenue de l’Agrobiopole
BP 32607
Auzeville tolosane
31326 Castanet-Tolosan

Site perso / personal website :
Gaël Le Roux


  • CNRS researcher in BioGeochemistry


  • Master in Environmental Geosciences, University of Aix-Marseille, 2001
  • Magistère des Sciences de la Terre, University of Lyon - ENS Lyon, 2001
  • PhD in Environmental Geochemistry, University of Heidelberg (2005)
  • Habilitation à diriger les recherches, INP-Toulouse (2013)


  • Umwelt-Preis der Viktor und Sigrid Dulger-Stiftung (2006)

Employment history:

  • CNRS researcher (Toulouse)
  • post-doc position, University of Liège (2008-2009)
  • post-doc position, Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN-Cadarache) (2005-2008)

research topics:

  • Isotope and Trace Element Biogeochemistry, especially in mountain area
  • Atmosphere-soil-organisms transfers – isotope fingerprinting
  • Wetland biogeochemistry
  • Holocene paleo-environment
  • Archaeometry
  • Team leader of BiZ team ("BiZ: Biogéochimie Intégrative de la Zone critique")
  • CNRS responsible for Needs-Environment committee
  • scientific manager of the clean room (EcoLab)

Main/Recent publications

Main/Recent publications

De Vleeschouwer, F., Vanneste, H., Mauquoy, D., Piotrowska, N., Torrejón, F., Roland, T., ... & Le Roux, G. (2014). Emissions from Pre-Hispanic Metallurgy in the South American Atmosphere.PloS one,9(10), e111315.

G. Le Roux, N. Fagel, F. De Vleeschouwer,M.Krachler,V. Debaille,P. Stille, N. Mattielli, W.O. van der Knaap, J. F.N. van Leeuwen and W. Shotyk: Volcano- and climate-driven changes in atmospheric dust sources and fluxes since the Late Glacial in Central Europe Geology, April 2012, v. 40, p. 335-338

 G. Le Roux, L. Pourcelot, Olivier Masson, Celine Duffa, Francoise Vray, Philippe Renaud, Aerosol deposition and origin in French mountains estimated with soil inventories of 210Pb and artificial radionuclides, Atmospheric Environment, Volume 42, Issue 7, March 2008, Pages 1517-1524

 G. Le Roux, E. Laverret and W. Shotyk: Fate of minerals in ombrotrophic peat bog, Journal of the Geological Society of London, 2006, 163, 641-646

ANR TRAM project: trace metal legacy in mountain environments (P.I.)

Belmont project P 3 : People, pollution and pathogens – mountain ecosystems in a human-altered world (french partner)

PEAT3: Past Environmental Archives Toulouse- Timing of the Anthropocene: PI

Past projects:

ANR PARAD: PeAt bogRecords ofAtmosphericDust flux. Co PI

OHM Vicdessos - ASTAHEM project: PI

Uranium-Thorium decay series elements and trace metals around former uranium mines

ERC Mercury Isotopes: Co PI for the topic Holocene variability

  • Lead biogeochemistry
  • Peat as an environmental archive
  • Environmental radioactivity and geochemistry
  • Master EBEN - géochimie isotopie appliquée à l'environnement
  • ENSAT 2ième année - géochimie isotopique appliquée à l'environnement


PEAT: Past Environmental Archives Toulouse

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