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Profil de Arnaud ELGER

ELGER Arnaud

Email :

Téléphone / phone: +33 6 86 23 67 08

Bureau / office :

Institution : UPS

Statut / status: Enseignant chercheur

Adresse professionnelle / address:

ENSAT - Avenue de l'Agrobiopole
31326 Castanet-Tolosan cedex

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My present research interest is about the impacts of anthropogenic chemical contaminants on plant populations and ecosystems. For that purpose, I use concepts and tools related to my initial scientific background in community and functional ecology. I focus on 2 main topics:

1. Impacts of multiple environmental stressors (incl. chemical contaminants) on eelgrass-dominated coastal ecosystems

2. Importance and sources of intraspecific variability in freshwater plant response to anthropogenic chemical contaminants

  • Since 2007:   Responsible for the transversal EcoLab research axis ‘Dynamics and Effects of COntaminants’ (DECO ; responsibility shared with F. Gilbert).
  • Since Jan. 2009: Member of the Scientific College BEST (Biologie des organismes, Ecologie et Sciences de la Terre) at Univ. Paul Sabatier - Toulouse 3.
  • Since jan. 2011: Member of the EcoLab board.
  • Since nov. 2011: Member of the scientific committee of the BIOHEFECT action within the EC2CO-INSU program.
  • Since sept. 2011: Responsible for the 1st year of Ecology MSc degree at Univ. Paul Sabatier – Toulouse 3 (responsibility shared with C. Andalo, EDB).

Main/Recent publications


  • Cornut, J., Chauvet, E., Mermillod-Blondin, F., Assemat, F. & Elger, A. (2014) Aquatic Hyphomycete Species Are Screened by the Hyporheic Zone of Woodland Streams. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 80, 1949-1960.


  • Dos Santos, V.M., Matheson, F.E., Pilditch, C.A. & Elger, A. (2013) Seagrass resilience to waterfowl grazing in a temperate estuary: A multi-site experimental study. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 446, 194-201.
  • Danger, M., Cornut, J., Chauvet, E., Chavez, P., Elger, A. & Lecerf, A. (2013) Benthic algae stimulate leaf litter decomposition in detritus-based headwater streams: a case of aquatic priming effect? Ecology 94, 1604-1613.
  • Clivot, H., Cornut, J., Chauvet, E., Elger, A., Poupin, P., Guérold, F. & Pagnout, C. (2013) Leaf-associated fungal diversity in acidified streams: insights from combining traditional and molecular approaches. Environmental Microbiology. doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.12245.


  • Dos Santos, V.M., Matheson, F.E., Pilditch, C.A. & Elger, A. (2012) Is black swan grazing a threat to seagrass? Indications from an observational study in New Zealand. Aquatic Botany 100, 41-50.
  • Danger, M., Cornut, J., Elger, A., & Chauvet, E. (2012) Effects of burial on leaf litter quality, microbial conditioning and palatability to three shredder taxa. Freshwater Biology57, 1017-1030.
  • Cornut, J., Elger, A., Greugny, A., Bonnet, M. & Chauvet, E. (2012) Coarse particulate organic matter in the interstitial zone of three French headwater streams. Annales de Limnologie – International Journal of Limnology 48,  303-313.
  • Cornut, J., Clivot, H., Chauvet, E., Elger, A., Pagnout, C. & Guérold, F. (2012) Effect of acidification on leaf litter decomposition in benthic and hyporheic zones of woodland streams. Water Research 46, 6430-6444.


  • Coutris, C., Merlina, G., Silvestre, J., Pinelli, E. & Elger A.(2011) Can we predict community-wide effects of herbicides from toxicity tests on macrophyte species? Aquatic Toxicology 101, 49-56.


  • Cornut, J., Elger, A., Lambrigot, D., Marmonier P. & Chauvet E. (2010) Early stages of leaf decomposition are mediated by aquatic fungi in the hyporheic zone of woodland streams. Freshwater Biology 55, 2541-2556.


  • Elger, A., Willby, N.J. & Cabello-Martinez, M. (2009). Invertebrate grazing during the regenerative phase affects the ultimate structure opf macrophyte communities. Freshwater Biology 54, 1246-1255.
  • Elger, A., Lemoine, D.G., Fenner, M. & Hanley, M.E. (2009). Plan ontogeny and chemical defence : older seedlings are better defended. Oikos 118, 767-773.


  • Elger, A., De Boer, T. & Hanley M.E. (2007) Invertebrate herbivory during the regeneration phase: experiments with a freshwater angiosperm. Journal of Ecology 95, 106-114.


  • Elger, A., Barrat-Segretain, M.H. & Willby, N.J. (2006) Seasonal variability in the palatability of freshwater macrophytes: a case study. Hydrobiologia 570, 89-93.


  • Elger, A. & Lemoine, D. (2005) Determinants of macrophyte palatability to the pond snailLymnaea stagnalis. Freshwater Biology 50, 86-95.
  • Amoros, C., Elger, A., Dufour, S. Grospretre, L., Piegay, H. & Henry, C. (2005) Flood scouring and groundwater supply in rehabilitated side-channels of the Rhône River, France. Archiv für Hydrobiologie Suppl.155/1-4, 147-167.


  • Elger, A. & Barrat-Segretain, M.H. (2004) Plant palatability can be inferred from a single-date feeding trial. Functional Ecology 18, 483-488.
  • Elger, A., Bornette, G., Barrat-Segretain, M.H. & Amoros, C. (2004) Disturbances as a structuring factor of plant palatability in aquatic communities. Ecology 85, 304-311.
  • Barrat-Segretain, M.H. & Elger, A. (2004) Experiments on growth interactions between two invasive macrophyte species. Journal of Vegetation Science 15, 109-114.


  • Elger, A. & Willby, N.J. (2003) Leaf dry matter content as an integrative expression of plant palatability: the case of freshwater plants. Functional Ecology 17, 58-65.


  • Elger, A., Barrat-Segretain, M.H. & Amoros, C. (2002) Plant palatability and disturbance level in aquatic habitats: an experimental approach using the snailLymnaea stagnalis(L.). Freshwater Biology 47, 931-940.
  • Elger, A. & Barrat-Segretain, M.H. (2002) Use of the pond snailLymnaea stagnalis(L.) in laboratory experiments for evaluating macrophyte palatability. Archiv für Hydrobiologie 153, 669-683.
  • Barrat-Segretain, M.H.,Elger, A., Sagnes, P. & Puijalon, S. (2002) Comparative life-history traits of two invasive macrophyte species,Elodea canadensisMichaux andElodea nuttallii(Planchon) H. St John. Aquatic Botany 74, 299-313.

My main teaching activities are in the frame of Ecology MSc degree (1st and 2nd year) and Integrative Biology & Toxicology MSc degree (2nd year) at the Univ. P. sabatier - Toulouse 3. I give lectures, and supervise practical courses and student projects related to ecology, ecotoxicology and biostatistics.

I am responsible for the teaching units ‘Plant Communities from Southern Europe’ (Ecology MSc degree, 1st year, 6 ECTS) and 'Diagnostics and Monitoring' (Ecology MSc degree, 2nd year, 3 ECTS).

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