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What happens belowground in a warming peatland? Decomposing plant-soil interactions

Séminaire le 28 jan 2020 à 11h00
Toulouse 4R1 Toulouse 4R1
Camille Defrenne & Janna Barel

Camille Defrenne : visiting post-doc, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US

Janna Barel : post-doc Ecolab


Mardi 28 janvier 2020, 11h00, Salle de Conférences, 4R1


Camille DEFRENNE : What happens belowground in a warming peatland?

Below the peat surface, plant fine roots partner with mycorrhizal fungi to acquire soil resources. This team (with mixotrophs of course) is a major regulator of peatland carbon and nutrients dynamics. The way fine roots and fungi respond to global changes could determine the future capacity of peatlands to act as a sink for anthropogenic carbon. We tackle this problem in the Spruce and Peatland Responses Under Changing Environments (SPRUCE) experiment in Northern Minnesota, USA, where temperature and atmospheric [CO2] are manipulated to simulate future climate scenarios. We will discuss our two years of results from ingrowth cores and novel high resolution minirhizotrons.


Janna BAREL : Decomposing plant-soil interactions

Plant-soil interactions can leave a lasting legacy in the soil that influence the growth of future plants. These plant-soil feedbacks can act through two main pathways: alteration of nutrient availability or alteration of the soil (microbial) community. These feedback effects help explain vegetation dynamics in natural systems. In managed systems knowledge of plant-soil feedbacks could help design better crop rotations. Previously, I studied how functional traits of plants predict feedback effects on crop growth, on decomposition rates and on the microbial community composition of plant roots. Moreover, I tested whether plant legacies altered litter decomposition (e.g. home-field advantage), and whether the presence of a growing plant influences decomposition rates (e.g. priming effects). Furthermore, I will give a short overview of my running collaborations. An outlook on my tasks and ideas for the Mixopeat project will mark the end of the seminar.

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