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Strategies to improve the reliability of nanoecotoxicity assays

Séminaire le 29 nov 2018 à 14h00
Toulouse Campus ENSAT Toulouse Campus ENSAT
Elijah Petersen

National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA


Strategies to improve the reliability of nanoecotoxicity assays




Jeudi 29 novembre 2018, 14h00

Salle Recherche, ENSAT


With the increasing usage of nanotechnology in consumer products, it is important to develop accurate methods to assess the potential adverse effects of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) on humans or environmentally important organisms. However, many of these measurements are challenged by the unique behaviors of ENMs which differ from those of dissolved metals or hydrophobic organic chemicals. Thus, modifications to typical toxicity assays are needed to account for these behaviors to avoid artifacts and ensure accurate measurements. In this talk, I will first discuss the different artifacts that can occur during measurements on the toxicological effects of nanomaterials and potential control experiments to assess these artifacts. Then, I will discuss an evaluation of an ecotoxicity assay, an International Standardization Organization C. elegans growth and reproduction inhibition assay, for use with nanomaterials, and the development of a method to quantify the particle size distribution of gold nanoparticles accumulated by C. elegans. Lastly, I will discuss bioaccumulation measurements of graphene family nanomaterials across a range of ecological receptors using a novel carbon-14 labeling approach.

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